The Rumi Boutique Hotel is located in Ascea Marina, a beautiful seaside village on the Cilento coast, which has been recognized for years with the Blue Flag award. The main feature of Ascea is the kilometer-long golden beach embellished by the lily sea flowers on which there is a ban on harvesting , dominated by hills with olive trees and other plants typical of the Southern part of Italy. The seafront is skirted for over 5 km by a cycle path and ends with a charming inlet bounded by the majestic cliff of "Punta del Telegrafo"; here are hidden coves and inlets like the Silver Bay. In particular the Rondinella Bay accessible only by sea.
One of the most important archaeological sites in Southern Italy is Elea-Velia, home of the philosophers Parmenides and Zenone, fathers of the Eleatic and Pre-Socratic philosophical school. The site represented a revolution in the archaeological field, with the "Porta Rosa" as a splendid example of an arch created by Greeks.
Ascea is part of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, a vast region rich in tradition and history, preserved virgin over the centuries. The Cilento hosts beaches of unequaled beauty, scattered along the coast: the coastlines of Ascea, Camerota, Pisciotta and Capo Palinuro are a good example, renowned among the most beautiful in Italy. In this selection we find true jewels such as the Natural Arch, the Bay of the Infreschi (Palinuro) and the Cala Bianca (Camerota).
But the Cilento National Park is not only crowned by beautiful beaches, it is home to timeless riches such as the Temples of Paestum, the Certosa di Padula, the caves of Pertosa and dozens of other wonders. To make this yearning for history and culture unique, there is an excellent enogastronomic tradition. A real journey of the senses that, among fine wines, homemade products of worldwide resonance and timeless flavors, makes every visit to the Cilento an unforgettable experience.
We at Rumi Boutique Hotel would like to take you on a journey of discovery, recommending the best possible experiences to you:

  • trekking through nature, with a panoramic view of the sea
  • boat excursions, discovering the beaches reachable only by sea
  • nature tour of the WWF Oasis of Morigerati
  • excursion to explore the Capelli di Venere waterfalls
  • horseback riding on the beach or in the heart of our hinterland
  • group rafting along the river Tanagro

guided tours or self-guided excursions. Here are some of the places we are most fond of:
  • the temples of Paestum, excavations and the Archaeological Museum
  • excavations of Elea – Velia
  • Museum of the Sea
  • Museum of the Mediterranean Diet
visits to the best farms in the area, to learn about the processing and production of niche food products, typical of our area. Among these are:
  • cheeses
  • the white fig of Cilento
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • wines from avant-garde wineries
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