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The wonders of Cilento



Ascea is a town in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Alburni, consisting of a Territory that combines mountain scenery with coast settings. Ascea Marina, which is part of the municipality, is a wonderful seaside resort on the Cilento coast, Blue Flag 2016. This beautiful beach of soft golden sand stretches for kilometers, dominated by hills of olive trees and other typical Mediterranean plants.
A striking small inlet is bounded by the majestic cliffs of Punta del Telegrafo, where hidden bays and coves open up, such as the Baia d'Argento and Baia della Rondinella, which can only be reached by sea.

On the beach there are dune formations which are the summer flowering environment of the beautiful protected species of the sea lily, the picking of which is prohibited. A bike path runs along the seafront for over 5 km, allowing for easy movement without a car.

The municipality houses one of the most important archaeological sites in Southern Italy, Elea-Velia, after the two names given to the ancient city by the Greeks first and the Romans later. It was home of philosophers Parmenides and Zeno, members of the Eleatic and pre-Socratic philosophical school. The site was a revolution in the field of archaeology with the “Porta Rosa” (Pink Gate), a wonderful example of arch created by the Greeks. The headland with the Norman tower overlooks entire Cilento and the sea of Ascea.

Come here to discover Cilesto’s most beautiful beaches: from Sapri and Agropoli via Marina di Camerota.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of Cilento”, it has had the Blue Flag certification for years and has been one of the most beautiful Italian beaches according to Legambiente and Touring Club since 2011.

It is one of the best and wildest in Cilento, stretching for kilometers and flanked by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation with age-old olive trees.

Marina di Camerota - Cala degli Infreschi
Best Italian beach 2014 (Legambiente)

The small bay with its stretch of sea is a protected natural reserve. It amazes and fascinates travelers through the variety of colors ranging from Mediterranean green to sand white and sea cobalt blue.

Marina di Camerota - Cala Bianca
Legambiente best Italian beach 2013, it is a small corner of heaven with white pebbles, Mediterranean greenery and turquoise sea. It is accessible by land from a sloping path. Families with children are recommended to get there by sea.

Palinuro - Arco Naturale
Outside the center of Palinuro, it is located a few steps from the mouth of the river Mingrado. The beach is famous for the arch that encloses a pristine little sand and rock beach.

Palinuro Dormire - Baia del Buon Dormire
This oasis in the green has pinkish golden sand and crystal-clear water that looks emerald green thanks to the seabed. The beach can only be reached by sea.

The National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni is the largest in Italy, with an area that comprises 80 municipalities, many of which nestle in the mountainous and hilly landscape.  The Park was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO along with the sites of Paestum, Elea-Velia and Certosa di Padula. It is especially known for its rich biodiversity due also to the different environments that characterize it. In fact the landscape of the Park includes the highest mountain in Campania, Cervati, sinkholes and natural caves, gentle hills and a coastline among the most beautiful in Italy. All this makes Cilento not just one holiday destination, but a journey to enrich the soul with the variety of landscapes, the richness of the historical cultural heritage and the culinary excellence. A real journey of the senses.

We advise anyone visiting Cilento to do so by experiencing it fully, enjoying its traditions, culture, folklore and products. A typically Mediterranean lifestyle, where sun and nature predominate in harmony with ancient stone architectures.

Rumi offers the opportunity to discover and live Cilento with one of the local guides, who will enable you to immerse yourself in everyday life and spend unforgettable hours in the real Cilento villages like Roscigno Vecchia, Gioi, Morigerati, Prignano Cilento, Pertina Auletta. Do not miss fascinating sites and places like the Angel Caves in Pertosa, (a 35-million-year-old prehistoric environment), the Castelcivita Caves and marvelous Castles like Sicignano, Teggiano and beautiful Certosa di Padula. Hiking enthusiasts cannot miss the Oasis of the river Alento, the WWF reserve of Bussentino, the WWF Oasis of Calore Gorges, Mount Cervati, Mount Stella and Mount Gelbison and the Valley of Orchids, which, starting from Sassano, crosses fantastic forests and plateaus inhabited by many wild animals.
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