Spa and Wellness in Cilento

A holiday is an opportunity to regenerate, recover energy, give up the hectic pace of everyday life for a while, and carve out some time and space for personal care.

Afrodite Wellness Area is a delicious wellness oasis to immerse yourself, graced with delicate perfumes and zen background music, Tibetan sounds, nature music therapy … to forget stress and recover vitality and good mood thanks to the wellness centre of our 4-star hotel.
Our hotel’s spa has a relaxation room where to indulge in a long break sipping a regenerating herbal tea. This journey of the senses ends with a massage program that will eliminate stress and tension returning smiles and serenity. Check out the range of massages we offer, including Polynesian body treatments  with honey, fruit jams, chocolate, Cilento’s white fig, Candle massages and many more.
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Momenti di relax!

  • Massaggio relax 30’
  • Massaggio schiena decontratturante da 30’
  • Massaggio cuoio capelluto e cervicale da 25'
  • Massaggio rigenerante all’olio di vinaccioli da 30’
  • Riflessologia plantare 25’
  • Massaggio bioenergetico 40’
  • Massaggio linfodrenante 40’
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Emozioni da vivere in due!

  • Percorso benessere da 120 minuti
  • 2 calici di prosecco
  • 1 tagliata di frutta
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Un’occasione per rigenerarsi!

  • Percorso benessere da 120 minuti
  • 1 massaggio a persona da 20’
  • Dressing room
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Regala a una persona speciale un momento tutto per se. Scegli il tuo voucher!

  • Bronze a partire da 50€
  • Silver a partire da 100€
  • Gold a partire da 150€
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